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Looking for a freight shipping company in St. Louis that provides a broad range of services like LTL and Full Truckload freight shipping? Budget Freight Shipping uses a system of trucking companies and carriers that are proven, qualified, and established. We have the resources to ship from Missouri to any place in the United States and provide you with top quality transportation solutions. Budget Freight Shipping takes on any type of shipment whether it’s a small parcel or 50 pallets of heavy freight. Let us be your go to source for LTL and Truckload freight shipping services in St. Louis. Fill out our simple and fast form to acquire a free online freight quote in St. Louis, MO. We can meet your shipping requirements from coast to coast or state to state.

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    LIMITED ACCESS locations include but are not limited to: construction sites, schools, churches, ranches/farms, storage units, military bases, museums, and hotels.

The Most Expansive Freight Shipping Services in St. Louis, MO

Are you fed up with the never-ending quest for a freight shipping or trucking company that offers all kinds of logistics services? Is the variety of specialized carriers too much to handle? Budget Freight Shipping can be your source for all services related to freight shipping in St. Louis, Missouri. We have LTL, Full Truckload, hazardous material transport, flat beds, and a lot more! Simply call and speak with an account representative and your shipment can be on its way in no time. Budget Freight Shipping has the capacities to satisfy your needs whether you have a package that needs to be shipped overseas or have pallets of freight that have to be shipped from St. Louis, Missouri to the next state. We are your trucking and freight shipping solutions in St. Louis.

The Most Revered Trucking Carriers in St. Louis, MO

Budget Freight Shipping has contracted with over 30 national and regional trucking organizations that ship to any place in the U.S. from St. Louis, MO. Our trucking companies give us the very best prices in the industry because we refer the most customers to them. An economy of scale is developed from this relationship, where we can offer you, the final consumer, the top price. When you call Budget Freight Shipping you are not just speaking to one of our freight shipping professionals but are linked to a broad system of carriers, roads, railways and other channels of distribution. No matter which type of freight shipping services you require, we have the infrastructure to meet your demands.

The Swiftest Freight Quote System in St. Louis, Missouri

An essential factor for Budget Freight Shipping, is assuring that our clients are happy. We produce a freight shipping quote for you quickly due to our technology and skilled workforce. We have the means to access data sources across the nation and can determine when your shipment can depart and arrive. For peace of mind, we have a shipment tracking system where you can see the progress of your items at all times. To get a free of charge freight shipping quote call Budget Freight Shipping in St. Louis, MO.

Understanding A Freight Broker

An individual, partnership, or company that operates as an intermediary in between two other people or firms that need shipping services is exactly what is known as a freight broker. The broker does not actually act as a freight shipper or carrier, but does play an incredibly important role in the transportation of the client’s cargo. The freight broker will hook up the shipper and company together and negotiate a price after deciding the shipping needs of the shipper.

A person or business will need a license from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in order to work as a freight broker. They likewise have to have adequate insurance policies to safeguard their clients. Surety bonds are also something they will need in a few states.

Freight brokers are highly valued by the shippers and the carriers. They help various shippers find otherwise difficult to find carriers. They give the carriers a chance to fill the vacancies in their number of trucks. The freight broker will earn a commission for assisting both parties.

The broker will help either side using his or her extensive understanding of the industry and technological resources. If you ask any company that utilizes one of these brokers, they will almost certainly let you know that their services are incredibly important. Some freight brokers can be used for all the shipping needs of a company.

Forwarders will often be confused with freight brokers. A freight forwarder and a freight shipper are not the same thing. The freight shipper takes big shipments and converts them into smaller shipments. A freight broker never does take possession of the cargo being transferred.

Typically freight brokers work for a carrier or a shipping company and that’s how they learn the industry. Everything that freight brokers will need from experience to contacts may be gained in this stage of their career. You may also take classes to learn how to become a freight broker. These courses have a tendency to cost a lot of money, and they’re not always the best choice.

Other freight brokers came into the industry as agents instead of being a genuine broker. These agents are normally independent contractors who’ll work together with a broker firm. They don’t need nationwide contacts to operate properly as they operate in smaller areas. It’s an excellent way to become a freight broker because initial costs are minimal. A telephone, computer, and fax machine are all that’s typically necessary for an agent to begin operating with a freight broker. Once they have worked as an agent for a while and have built up industry contacts, they frequently start their own broker firm.

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Dodge Moving & Storage CO Inc
13390 Lakefront Drive
Saint Louis, MO 63101

Instant Drayage
4 Produce Row
Saint Louis, MO 63102

Fresh Warehousing and Logistics
760 South Second Street
Saint Louis, MO 63102

Hazzard Moving & Storage CO
900 South Grand Boulevard
Saint Louis, MO 63103

Stepp Drayage
1422 Delmar Boulevard
Saint Louis, MO 63103

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