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In demand for a LTL and Full Truckload freight shipping company in Fort Wayne? Budget Freight Shipping consists of a group of trucking companies and carriers that are professional, qualified, and recognized. We can easily offer you excellent transportation solutions from Indiana to any place in the nation on account of our unique resources. Budget Freight Shipping takes on any type of shipment whether it is a small parcel or 50 pallets of heavy freight. Let us be your one-stop-shop for Truckload and LTL freight shipping services in Fort Wayne. Fill out our quick and easy form to obtain a free online freight quote in Fort Wayne, IN. From state to state or coast to coast, we can fulfill your shipping needs.

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    LIMITED ACCESS locations include but are not limited to: construction sites, schools, churches, ranches/farms, storage units, military bases, museums, and hotels.

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Are you having trouble finding a large freight shipping business that will be able to handle all of your shipping requirements but yet is small enough to cater to your individual preferences? Budget Freight Shipping can provide you with LTL and Full Truckload freight shipping services in Fort Wayne, Indiana because of our expertise in the industry. If you are fed up with struggling with companies that won’t take the time to handle your issues and concerns, switch to Budget Freight Shipping. We have a qualified staff that is devoted to you and your shipping options. If you are a new shipper planning to transport your car or truck for the first time, or are a company that needs hundreds of pallets moved every few days, we have the personnel and the infrastructure to take care of it. If you need freight shipping or trucking in Fort Wayne, contact us today!

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Budget Freight Shipping can ship to any place in the nation with our network of trucking companies located both regionally and nationally. Because we use our trucking organizations on a consistent basis, they offer us the most affordable rates among our competitors. This relationship among our carriers forms an economy of scale where every party saves. When you call Budget Freight Shipping you are not just talking with one of our freight shipping professionals but are connected to a broad system of carriers, roads, railways and additional channels of distribution. It does not matter which type of freight shipping services you will need, we have the system to meet your expectations.

Budget Freight Shipping Offers the Simplest and Fastest Freight Quote in Fort Wayne, IN

Our goal at Budget Freight Shipping is customer care. If you’re in need of a freight quote and need it quickly, we possess the staff and the technology to generate a freight quote almost instantly! We have the capacity to show you through the entire freight shipping process with our qualified staff, vast carrier network and other unique resources. We can even develop a bill of lading and monitor your orders as well. Contact Budget Freight Shipping today to receive a quote for freight shipping and trucking in Fort Wayne, IN.

Is Dry Van Shipping a Good Idea?

When it comes to freight shipping, dry van shipping is the most prevalent. These are the most popular kinds of carriers you see when you’re on the highway. Any cargo truck that gives the minimal defense against the elements outside is recognized as dry van shipping. With regards to stock for factories, resellers, and retail outlets these are the providers that are typically responsible. The advantage of dry van shipping is the massive amount of functions in which the trucks can be utilized.

Essentially, a dry van truck is just a large box on wheels. Rather than being loaded onto a flatbed like a shipping container, a dry van is loaded directly onto the tractor vehicle. When you are discussing sea or air transit you don’t want to use dry vans due to the fact that everything will need to be transferred to another holding crate. Most dry vans have a wooden floor, rails, and tracks that all may be used to secure cargo inside the container during shipment.

However, you can find limitations. Such limitations include the size, proportion, and weight of whatever is now being shipped. The standard dimensions of a dry van are generally 53ft long, 8ft wide, and 9ft high. With regards to weight limits, 45,000 pounds is the common limit. A dry van also will not carry any kind of liquid unless it is inside designated barrels for shipping liquids.

Dry van shipping has a wide range of uses. Dairy, meat, and certain kinds of produce is normal cargo for dry vans. Refrigerated vans (aka reefers) can be obtained from the majority of dry van shipping companies. This will depend on the use but you should be able to keep items frozen or completely cold.

If you have cargo that is meant for consumption, you need to make certain they follow the appropriate guidelines for liability. It is a good start if you have the driver prove that his trucks are used for this purpose. References and licenses needs to be asked for as well.

As the owner of the products it is your responsibility to make certain everything is loaded and unloaded in a proper manner. If it is possible, items must be shrink wrapped. Liquids and perishables need to be in the right containers. Unless otherwise noted, most dry van shipping carriers will not be responsible for cargo damaged during transportation. Ensuring everything is properly secured is very important.

International shipments should be handled carefully. Ask your dry van shipping service whether they have the proper licenses for driving cargo over borders. The very last thing you want is to lose your cargo due to unacceptable documentation. Move to a different service if they do not have the credentials. Additionally there is the option of dropping the cargo at the border and having an international dry van shipping company get it.

Map of Fort Wayne:

Local Business Listings

MKS Trucking
17431 USHighway 24
Woodburn, IN 46797

Sombra Chicana Inc
1329 Zollars Avenue
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

Johnston’s Cartage & Warehse
2715 Brooklyn Avenue
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

Nova Moving Systems
2223 Taylor St
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

Sombra Chicana Inc
2401 Covington Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

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