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Budget Freight Shipping is a full service freight broker offering less than truckload (LTL) and truckload (TL) freight shipping all across the United States. No matter where you live or where you need to ship your freight, we have a network of over 40 trucking carriers that service the entire country every day. Whether you live on a farm in Iowa and need a tractor shipped, or have a warehouse with 50 outgoing pallets in New York City, we have the resources to solve your shipping issues. We have many different types of transport vehicles including full size tractor trailers, dry vans, reefers, flat beds and much more. We have the capacity to ship any type of freight you have, whether it be large and heavy pallets or singular items like couches, hot tubs, or cars. Our professional staff will find you the best rates in the industry and assure that your freight arrives on time and unharmed.

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    LIMITED ACCESS locations include but are not limited to: construction sites, schools, churches, ranches/farms, storage units, military bases, museums, and hotels.

You might ask yourself how do we offer the best rates in the industry? Well, the answer is simple. We contract with over 40 trucking carriers and refer them business every day. By achieving economies of scale through volume freight shipping, our trucking carriers in turn give us the most affordable rates. It is because of this commercial relationship that Budget Freight Shipping is able to offer our customers the cheapest rates among the competition.

If you are serious about shipping and need a company you can trust, Budget Freight Shipping is your go to source for all your freight shipping needs. We use certified and accredited national trucking carriers. We are fully licensed and insured so your valuables are in good hands. Professionalism, experience, technology, and a goal towards 100% customer satisfaction are what make Budget Freight Shipping a top choice among our competition. Don’t get burned by another trucking company again. Rely on a company that has been in business for years and has the necessary facilities and infrastructure to guarantee that your shipment arrives on time and in perfect condition.

Do not hesitate to call! If you need a fast and simple free shipping quote by filling out our freight quote form above.

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Budget Freight Shipping FAQ

Q: Is there a fee associated with receiving a freight quote?

A: No, there is absolutely no cost to use our freight quote system. You can fill out our freight quote form and we will have your quote to you quickly and easily

Q: I am unfamiliar with shipping freight. Is there anyone I can talk for help?

A: Of course, we have a dedicated team that will guide you through the entire process and they are always available to answer any questions or concerns you might have

Q: How does your company offer the lowest prices among the competition?

A: We are one of the largest freight brokerages in the United States. We have over 30 national and regional trucking companies contracted with us. By shipping with them on a daily basis and with heavy volumes, they give us a discount on all shipments. Ultimately, we are able to turn this savings over to our customers.

Q: What type of payments do you accept and what are the terms?

A: We accept check, money order, credit or debit card. We do ask that we keep your credit card information on file but will not charge it unless your payment becomes more than 15 days past due. We operate on net 15 standard terms

Q: How can I schedule a pickup?

A: Scheduling a pickup is simple. Just fill out our form and speak to one of our freight experts. Once a bill of lading is created, your work is done—all responsibility and liabilities now remain on us. We will make sure a trucking carrier picks up your freight and we will track it until it reaches the destination. You have the ability to see where your shipment is at all times.

Less than Truckload (LTL) Shipping Services

LTL shipping can be a confusing term to first time customers who are not familiar with the freight industry. LTL just means that the trucks carrying freight are not completely filled. LTL shipping is ideal for customers who want to ship one or a few pallets but do not have enough items to fill an entire truck.

Our expert staff is always available to help you. The logistics of LTL shipping can seem overwhelming at times and that is why we have a dedicated team that will be happy to guide you through the freight shipping process. We will contact local trucking companies near your city or town and determine when and from where your shipment will depart. We will then route your shipment to its intended city in a timely fashion. Our trucking carriers work around the clock and can cover up to 1,000 miles in a single day.

Budget Freight Shipping has the staff, resources, and network of major trucking carriers to meet all your shipping demands. We are reputable, experienced, and well-recognized in the shipping industry. We can deliver your freight to its destination quickly, safely, and at an affordable rate.

Truckload (TL) Shipping Services

Your solution to bulk freight shipping is finally solved. Budget Freight Shipping has the infrastructure to accomplish any type of full truckload shipping you might desire. Don’t haggle with other trucking companies who don’t give you the time of day or treat you with the respect you deserve. At Budget Freight Shipping our professional staff has been processing orders seamlessly for years and can transport freight efficiently, on time, and at the lowest price.

Dry Vans

  • We have one of North America’s largest and most expansive dry van networks. We ship millions of pounds of freight over thousands of miles worth of roadways each day. We are able to create economies of scale through high volume freight shipping, giving our customers the lowest prices.


  • If your firm has large quantities of commodities, metals, and other materials, our network of flatbed trucks is always available to transport your freight. We offer a fully customizable service where you can specify the type of equipment required for the shipment and we can equip our flatbeds to meet your criteria.

Temperature Controlled Shipping (Reefers)

  • Temperature controlled containers can transport your products that require constant refrigeration or freezing. Whether you have frozen foods, meats, beverages, dairy products or other goods that need to be stored in cooled environments, we have the vehicles to meet your demands.