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In need for a LTL and Full Truckload freight shipping company in Peoria? Budget Freight Shipping uses a network of trucking companies and carriers that are established, experienced, and recognized. We possess the ability to transport your cargo to anywhere in the country and can supply you with the freight shipping strategies necessary to deliver your items. Budget Freight Shipping can take on any kind of shipment whether it’s a small box or 50 pallets of hefty freight. We have you covered for everything from LTL to Truckload freight shipping services in Peoria. Fill out our quick and simple form to obtain a free online freight quote in Peoria, AZ. From coast to coast, or state to state, we can easily fulfill your shipping necessities.

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    LIMITED ACCESS locations include but are not limited to: construction sites, schools, churches, ranches/farms, storage units, military bases, museums, and hotels.

Your Resolution for Freight Shipping in Peoria, AZ

Sick and tired with the endless search for a trucking or freight shipping business that offers all types of logistics services? Is the number of specialized carriers overwhelming you? Budget Freight Shipping can be your source for all services related to freight shipping in Peoria, Arizona. We present you with Full Truckload, LTL, dry vans, refrigerated trucking, flat beds, reefers and much more! Simply call and consult with a customer service representative and your shipment can be on its way in no time at all. Whether you have a package that needs to be shipped overseas or have pallets of freight that should be shipped from Peoria, Arizona to the next state, Budget Freight Shipping has the abilities to satisfy your needs. We will be your trucking and freight shipping solutions in Peoria.

Trucking Carriers in Peoria, AZ

Budget Freight Shipping can ship to any place in the U.S. with our system of trucking companies situated both regionally and nationally. Because we use our trucking companies on a consistent basis, they present us the most affordable rates among our competitors. This relationship among our carriers forms an economy of scale where every party saves. When you call Budget Freight Shipping you are joined with an immense system of carriers, railways, roadways and other channels of distribution and are at the same time capable to speak to one of our freight shipping experts. We have the infrastructure to accomplish your needs no matter what your freight shipping needs are.

Freight Estimates in Peoria, Arizona are as Easy as 1-2-3

Customer care is our main concern at Budget Freight Shipping. We have the staff and the technological know-how to crank out a freight quote almost instantly. We have the resources to direct you through the freight shipping procedure. We are able to do order tracking and can create a bill of lading. To get your free of charge freight quote now, call Budget Freight Shipping in Peoria, AZ.

Do You Need Reefer Shipping?

Budget Freight Shipping is a good choice when you find yourself needing refrigerated trucking. When it comes to your shipping needs we have an unmatched fleet of reefers also referred to as refrigerated trucks. We’ve got you covered when it comes to temperature sensitive cargo. Our reefers can drive in any climate at any time of the year. We’ll keep the temperature exactly where it needs to be with our innovative temperature technology.

We understand that the cargo we are shipping is your livelihood. If our temperature systems fail, we know some of your items will become worthless. We take this very seriously, and guarantee that your particular product will arrive at the correct temperature. No one would like to see a Truckload of food go south and products become inedible. Your organization becomes our business when you transport your cargo and there is nothing which will stop us from performing the shipment to your satisfaction.

At Budget Freight Shipping we take great pride in our fleet of reefers. We make sure that all of our drivers have first class training and are acquainted with safety procedures. You’ll have a difficult time finding anyone else in our industry to match our success rate of on-time deliveries. Our goal is perfection. Every thing will be on time and meet the appropriate safety regulations.

At Budget Freight Shipping you’re going to get 24 hours a day refrigerated and temperature controlled shipping. When margins are small speed counts, and we are very well aware of this. Our support and guaranteed delivery are the things that make customers come return to us over and over.

We provide just in time shipping like nothing else at Budget Freight Shipping. We have both team and relay drivers accessible for whenever you receive a last second order, or when time just matters. We can travel over 1,000 miles in under 24 hours. Our logistics managers are in continuous contact with our trucks as a way to provide full transparency to all of our clients.

At Budget Freight Shipping we are an approved carrier and we are among the countries largest emergency responders. We gladly supply relief to areas that need it most. During such an incident, our employees are available 24 hours a day to supply the help that our fellow man needs and warrants.

So, next time you need a refrigerated or temperature controlled truck for one of your shipments, you should think about contacting Budget Freight Shipping. We take great enjoyment in helping you grow your business by delivering your products promptly. Don’t ever deal with late or rotten shipments again. You only need to look in one place for refrigerated shipping orders and that’s Budget Freight Shipping.

Map of Peoria:

Local Business Listings

Knowlton Towing
7659 West Hatcher Road
Peoria, AZ 85345

San Luis International Freight Service
390 North Cesar Chavez Street
San Luis, AZ 85349

San Luis Trucking Inc
476 North Cesar Chavez Street
San Luis, AZ 85349

Frank’s Service & Trucking L L C
435 North Cesar Chavez Street
San Luis, AZ 85349

T Warnock Dump Truck Service
13302 South Bridges Avenue
Somerton, AZ 85350

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